Two new game modes coming in Lego Fortnite v30.10 update

Lego Fortnite is adding two new modes in its upcoming update of v30.10. Additional changes include minor adjustments, major bug fixes, arrival of Lego styles but Comfy and Expert mode remain the main aspects of the update. Players can experience both modes soon as the new update is set to go live on June 13.

Lego Fortnite v30.10 Update adds two game modes

Comfy Mode

A friendly neighbor, Slumber is ready to guide players into stepping comfortable journey that lasts forever. Comfy Mode is mixed of sandbox style and survival mode, allowing users to enter the new world without worrying about basic needs.

The most salient feature of this mode includes the easy difficulty for the enemy and increased availability of villagers whereas hunger, stamina, and temperature are disabled. If the player is eliminated, respawn is possible without dropping inventory.

Expert Mode

Expert Mode
Expert Mode

Expert Mode perfectly resembles Hardcore mode in Minecraft, where permanent elimination is possible leading to loss of in-game world progress. Storm-wild enemies are introduced in this mode that have boosted strength and speed causing more chaos than ever.

The basic needs of players should be taken into account while battling Storm-Wild creatures. Also, respawning is not possible and most of the default settings can’t be changed.

Fortunately, Totem of Return permits one time respawn to bed before breaking it permanently. After this incident, losing hearts causes permanent elimination from the existing world.

Besides the game modes, three trophies have been added that depict the bravery of the player. Grassland, Dry Valley, and Frostlands trophies can be claimed by defeating Storm-wild Brute in its respective biome.



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