Roblox Gym League Guide: Gym, Body Alter, Money & Muscle Strength

Gym League is a bodybuilding simulation game where players grow stronger in strength and power before competing. From unlocking new words to gaining stamina, here is a guide on everything a newbie needs to know about this game.

Gym League Guide

How to earn Money in Gym League?

Money and Cash
Money and Cash

Cash is the ultimate currency of a game fast forwarding progress in no time. Participating in competitions is the most effective way to earn thousands of cash prizes while focusing on daily and monthly track quests.

Shop on the other side directly allows players to convert Robux into Cash tokens.

How to get Body Alter in Gym League?

Body Alter
Body Alter

Each Body Alter contributes to the muscle growth of the character. Achieving a 100% score in Body Stats helps in unlocking the body alter rapidly.

Body Alter Gym League

  • Normal
  • Gold
  • Shredded
  • Diamond
  • Tan
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Shiny
  • Steel
  • Armored
  • Alien

Among all the altars, Diamond has 5x muscle growth and is suitable for hard workouts and competitions.

How many GYM Worlds are there in Gym League?

GYMs in the game
GYMs in the game

Like maps or worlds in other Roblox games, Gym League includes worlds varying with the surrounding environment. Through accomplishing quests and increasing power, new worlds are unlocked

  1. Beach Gym
  2. Underground Gym
  3. The Gym
  4. Golden Gym
  5. Golden Gym
  6. Cyber Gym

How to unlock a new gym fast in Gym League?

New Gyms
New Gyms

Outside Beach Gym is the default one as the game starts. It is possible to enter other areas by teleporting through the map menu. Each world is locked with a different body alter type, and when claimed automatically unlocks the gym.

For example, Complete the Tan to unlock the Underground Gym, and Diamond to enter the Cyber Gym. Other body alters such as Rock unlock The Gym area and finally complete Steel for Golden Gym.

Teleporting from one gym to another is possible based on user preference or the sake of completing missions.

How to use Poses in Gym League?


The player has the option to collect body poses by rerolling the spins. The actual use of poses is in illegal competitions where the rarity of the pose matters in deciding the winner. Each match contains three rounds requiring at least 3 distinct poses to participate.

  • Arm Up
  • Victory
  • Aduket
  • The Kneet
  • Side Chest
  • Three Quarter Back Biceps

How to get Muscle Strength & Stamina in Gym League?

It is crucial to train every body part before entering any compensation. Each gym includes equipment such as dumbles, treadmills, etc that help players gain gradual muscle points. It is recommended to train in auto mode for faster progress. The same is true for stamina as well.

Aura in Gym League

All Aura Tier List
All Aura Tier List

Money can be earned through quests and daily rewards, but Auras are only unlocked through spins and rerolls. Additionally, Premium Rerolls are available to purchase using Robux.

Common Aura

  • Default
  • Crimson Fog
  • Yellow Fog
  • Teal Fog
  • Pink Aura
  • Green Aura
  • Black Fog
  • Fog
  • Red Aura
  • Orange Aura

Chances to get Common auras are extremely high (63.9%) through the spins.

Rare Aura

  • Rage
  • Purple
  • Curse
  • Nen

Reroll Chances of rare auras are one-fourth of total spins. That is 25% chances

Epic Aura

  • Super Saiyan
  • Esper
  • Dark

There are a limited number of auras in the Epic category with a 10% success rate.

Legendary Aura

  • Super Saiyan Blue

Being legendary, Super Saiyan Blue is the hardest aura to claim in the game with a 1% or less chance.

Body Stats

Body Stats
Body Stats

Body Stats indicate the strength of various body parts. By working out on specific gym machines, strength is gained which ultimately helps in securing Body Alter.

  • Stamina
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Legs
  • Biceps

Power-Ups in Store

Power Ups

Power-ups are essential food items that increase strength as well as power. Through the store, the body alters and a bunch of power-ups can be purchased using in-game cash.

  • Chocolate Bar
  • Chips
  • Master Drink
  • Chicken Wings
  • Steak
  • Protein Bar
  • Rorate
  • Cheap Protein Powder
  • Milk
  • Protein Shake
  • Cheap Body Oil
  • Protein Powder

In the end, Players can get a free reward by redeeming the ‘Release’ code from the settings.


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