PK XD: How to trade pets effectively [New Update]

PK XD introduced the Pet Trading system in the recent Farm Update. This feature has been requested by the gaming community for a long time. Now once trading amongst friends and family is available, it is essential to know a few effective tricks to maximize benefit.

Here is a guide on trading pets without getting tricked or scammed by fellow members.

How to trade pets in PK XD

Pets are a friendly neighborhood of PKXD players. It’s time to swap common and ordinary pets with higher rarity pets of rare or legendary type.

Pet Trade in PKXD
Pet Trade in PKXD

Follow the below steps to trade with friends without struggling.

  1. Find a friend in your nearby locality
  2. Tap on a friend’s character to communicate
  3. Select ‘Trade Pets‘ option to initiate your first trade
  4. Choose your existing pet from the inventory and tap Confirm
  5. The friend also selects his pet of the same rarity for fair trading
  6. Click Accept or Decline as a final step
  7. Do not confirm if the user attempts to trade low leveled pets in exchange for higher ones

The trading menu itself warns users to avoid unfair trades. Players may collect the same pet through trade and transform them into Galaxy form through mutation setup. Other mutations are Solar and Slimy which are too impressive.

PK XD New Update
PK XD New Update

Farm Season also brings additional levels to houses. Each barn house can be leveled up 3 times improving space capacity and visual appearance. New pets such as Peacocks, Chickens, and Donkeys will be available along with pet mutation.


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