OnePlus Photos new feature lets you hide Photo and Video properties before sharing

The OnePlus Photos app received a sorely delayed but crucial upgrade recently. OnePlus Photos is the built-in gallery app for Photo smartphones that lets you view, organize, and edit photos and videos. With the recent integration with Google Photos, this app offers a variety of features and now it looks like Oppo is pushing the privacy-first segment.

When you click a photo, the Camera labels the photo with EXIF data which includes information like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, date and time, and even location (if enabled). While this set of standards is useful for photographers to analyze the shots, it can also be a privacy issue. Being embedded within the photo and video, sharing them might reveal your location, time of click, and info on the device you use.

But now, thanks to the new feature of the OnePlus Photos app (OPPO Photos app too), you don’t have to worry about the EXIF disclosing while sharing. The Privacy Protection sharing feature will let you protect your privacy by removing location information and other properties from your photos and videos before sharing them.

In the OnePlus Photos app version 14.37.7_564dd05_240330, you can toggle the default privacy protections from Settings. In case you want to apply the sharing privacy protection to select photos, you can do it by clicking Share > Privacy and compatibility > Remove other properties.

Hide image properties in Oppo Photos app

This indeed is a privacy-focused feature, letting you and your photos go incognito. While the third-party sharing apps might offer the option to strip EXIF data, as of now, no other built-in gallery apps allow users to redact photo properties. Even Apple Photos don’t have this feature.


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