How to play & win Last Stumbler Standing in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys occasionally holds events as well as tournaments in an extremely competitive manner for exclusive rewards. At this moment, the Last Stumbler Standing tournament is live and is expected to entertain Stumblers for at least two weeks.

Here is everything you need to know about this tournament challenge along with the best tactics to follow to avoid elimination and climb higher in the leaderboard.

Last Stumbler Standing

Last Stumbler Standing is an entry fee-based challenge consisting of single or multiple rounds. Losers are discarded from the list while winners are showered with bags of gems, free skins, and medals.

New Tournament
New Tournament

The winner takes it all! Showcase your skills and be the last stumbler standing in this medley of elimination maps. It’s stumble or to be stumbled

Below is a guide to start the challenge and use proven tactics to outsmart the opponent to maximize our chances of winning the round.

How to play Last Stumbler Standing in Stumble Guys

How to play tournaments in Stumble Guys
How to play tournaments in Stumble Guys
  1. Open Stumble Guys
  2. Click ongoing Tournament located on top of the event section
  3. Players can see ongoing as well as upcoming tournament challenges
  4. Tap on the Enter button for Last Stumbler Standing to enter the match
  5. Pay 10 gems as an entry fee to start rounds
  6. The winner gets 25 gems from each round

Tips and Tricks to Win

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks
  • As the first round begins, players need to focus on avoiding elimination. But during round 3, it is a must to give their best to achieve rank 1 for a guaranteed reward
  • Honeycomb and Rush Hour are some popular maps that user needs to master beforehand
  • Try changing region and location to face easy competitors thus boosting our chances of success
  • Beware of new maps, it requires lots of practice to understand shortcuts leading toward victory
  • The most crucial tactic is to practice each map multiple times with a growth mindset. Once the player figures out the exact location of the trap, it becomes easier to dodge them thus saving lots of time. The user gets new skins along the journey.


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