How to get Ope Ope No Mi Fruit & Spec in A Universal Time [AUT]

Summer Update 4.4 has finally arrived at the Roblox A Universal Time (AUT) game. The update introduces two new devil fruits and specs, Lost Quest, and others.

Mero Mero fruit lets users claim Mero Mero No Mi spec while The other newly introduced devil fruit is Ope Ope which ultimately unlocks Ope Ope No Mi spec. Here is a guide to getting the fruit by completing the Doflamingo’s Daring Trial.

How to get Ope Ope Fruit in AUT?

How to get Ope OPe No Mi Spec
How to get Ope OPe No Mi Spec

There are three bosses added to the game in a recent update. The player must connect the dots to boss locations followed by defeating. On killing the Empress of Love boss, there is 1% drop chance of Ope Ope No Mi.

Follow these steps which ultimately lead towards the final boss. Once the boss arrives, it’s time to defeat them by equipping universal skins that are way more powerful than mythic.

1. Find the location of DoFlamingo, The Joker

Daflamingo's Location
Daflamingo’s Location

The player needs to initiate the conversation with the NPC of DoFlamingo to start the mission. As a checkpoint, The Joker spawns near the waterfall area at the top of the mountains.

Users should at least have level 200 to be eligible for this quest. Otherwise, it’s best to hunt for Surgeon of Death and Kuro of Hundred Plans

2. Collect at least one Kuma’s Book and store it in inventory

Kuma's Book
Kuma’s Book

Once the mission has been started, it’s time to kill enemies and NPCs to collect Kuma’s Book. Not every kill drops this token but eliminating the whole group increases the possibility significantly.

Once the book is claimed, try pushing it inside the inventory space. Go to the menu and drag the book inside the inventory menu.

3. Go to Punk Hazard Island to defeat the final boss

Final Boss
Final Boss

From the mainland of the map, talk to Bartholomew Kuma, who insists the player visit Punk Hazard. Once teleported, the battle begins that sometimes drops Ope Ope fruit on the victory.

Boa and Sand Debris Locations are important areas to find these NPCs. Also, make sure to unlock Universal Rarity skins.


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