Clash Royale: Best Deck for Goblin Barrel Evo Event

Clash Royale revealed Goblin’s Gambit as the new season for June 2024. As the season begins, Goblin Barrel Evo events have started featuring evolution Goblin Barrels in 1v1 and 2v2 duel battles.

Evolved Goblin Barrel cards have drastic increments in hit points, attack speed, and two barrels toward enemy towers simultaneously. This unique ability can be tested during the EVO event and challenge.

Here is a guide on Goblin Barrel Evolution to gain victory over an opponent using effective tips and tricks. Goblin Gang cards are currently boosted and expected to evolve during Goblin Buffs.

Best Deck for Goblin Barrel Evo

Deck for Goblin Barrel Evo
Deck for Goblin Barrel Evo

This time-limited special event requires no deck formation as the battle takes place by choosing one of two cards. The cards the user does not select are assigned to the opponent and the battle begins.

However, Evolution of Goblin Barrel is available in Clash Royale. Below is the perfect deck to enter the arena with boosted confidence.

  • Goblin Barrel (evolved)
  • Fireball
  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Mighty Miner
  • Wizard
  • Balloon
  • Princess
  • Royal Recruits

Best Tips for Goblin Barrel Evo Card

Tips for new season
Tips for the new season
  1. Create a perfect deck with attacking and defending units
  2. Do not deploy Goblin Barrel without distracting troop towers
  3. High hit points troops play a major role in pushing our troops towards enemy area
  4. A combination of air troops (eg: ballon) is strongly recommended
  5. Keep on using Goblin Barrel as soon as it appears because, After each cycle, it transforms into an evolutionary card

With increased cycles, it has become possible to attack more than one enemy tower at once. This idea lets users win battles by tricking the enemy.


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