A Starfield Player Discovers a Unique Lake of Lava on the Planet Tirna II

It’s the quiet time since the Starfield launch, and still, it’s too soon to get enough of peculiar creatures and impressive planets. What made us say this is the recent discovery of a lava lake by a Reddit user jCrizzwald.

The location of the lake spots on the planet Tirna II, which is likely the new view for most of us. Given the extensive spread of galaxies in the game, some of you might have already been to the place. But from the comment section, it seems the place is unexplored by many; even some didn’t know the lava existed in the game.

Lake of Lava on Tirna II Starfield
Lake of Lava on Tirna II

It is interesting to note that the lava lake is present at this specific location, near the Point of Interest (POI). While the info on this POI is scarce, players might witness different POIs due to procedural generation. Nonetheless, it looks like the bridge to POI was melted down and players could have utilized jetpacks or tools to get there.

sucks that this place can’t be my newest outpost. booooooooooooooo
byu/jCrizzwald inStarfield

Meanwhile, another fascination is the succession of plants near the lava. The heat from the lava could’ve hindered plants’ growth near the spot. What made plants grow near heat emitter is the Bethesda secret. Other than those plants, the area appears to lack plant life.

Have you ever come across such intriguing planets? Let us know your journey and experience in the comment section.


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