Roblox The Classic: How to get Staff Birthday Cake Hat?

Most of us are familiar with Roblox – The Classic Event, a limited-time event from 23rd May to 28th May. The event indeed has plenty to offer and a few items have triumphed in attracting many players. Items like The Staff Birthday Cake Hat, Developer Cake Hat, and Star Creator Pie are the center of this interest.

The difficulty of getting the Staff Birthday Cake Hat varies depending on your luck of fetching The Classic’s Team Member or an Administrator who is giving away the abovementioned items.

Get The Staff Birthday Cake Hat in The Classic

The Staff Birthday Cake Hat
The Staff Birthday Cake Hat

First, we need to find an active team member or an administrator. Visit The Official Group of Roblox, and scroll down to the Members section. Under this tab, use the arrow button at the top to navigate and keep on searching for an Administrator, who has a remote icon on the profile.

For instance, I found @FairyLuminary. You can see the profile has an Administrator badge. Click on the Join button. In case you don’t see the Join button, you might need to follow the profile. On joining the game, find the Administrator or a specific place where she is throwing those items.

To make it easier, here is @DevoidofDebt. This Administrator has mentioned the place to get the Staff Birthday Cake Hat. Join the game and find the hat near the Seesaw adjacent to the house.

Staff Birthday Cake Hat
The Staff Birthday Cake Hat of DevoidofDebt

Be sure to get these items as quickly as possible. The servers of these Administrators might not always be live, and in these cases, you will need to find more of such profiles.


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