Players are Loving the New Asus ROG-themed Delta Emulator Skin

While the official Delta Emulator build has decently appreciable skin, it might not belong to everyone’s taste. To personalize the device, players and developers tend to come up with visually appealing skins. With Delta Emulator’s 3 million downloads, the community has an abundance of users to target. In pursuing those efforts, a Reddit user has built an Asus Rog 7-inspired theme, and the players seem to adore it already.

The skin developer , designed the Nemesis which looks stunning in both glares; Light and Dark. As you can see in the images given below, the RGB LED around the D-pad, Menu button, and the ABXY dynamically adapts to the in-game colors.

Nemesis comes with all system supports – GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, N64, and NDS, which seem to ally widely. However, the skin has a smaller screen surrounded by buttons, which might not be convenient for users using mini devices. In such instances, you might need to mod the skin.

Players in interest can check out the Nemesis theme, and look for the download. Regardless, from a few Redditors’ responses, we witness the skin has behaved deceptively in a few cases.

The Nemesis skin indeed furnishes a futuristic and heavy gaming vibe. The look might go to the next level on bigger screens, and also with a potential upcoming feature – 3DS (It is advised to not put your hopes high and take the news with a pinch of salt. We don’t have definite info on these).


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