Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures Guide: How to Play, Unlock Vehicles, Earn Bricks & Gems

Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures has been globally released on the Play Store and App Store. The upcoming hit is a product of a collaboration between Fingersoft and Lego. Fingersoft is known for Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2 which still dominates the racing category.

As the game is pretty new, it is essential to understand the basics to progress and start a walkthrough journey. Here is a guide on Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures allowing users to cope with brick-based features. Make sure to follow tips and tricks for an instant performance boost.

Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures Guide

Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures Guide
Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures Guide

Lego Hill Climb is a single-player adventure and exploration game twisted with Lego’s iconic brick theme. Everything is made of Lego, from minifigures to gadgets and vehicles to worlds. Below are a few features that separate this game from earlier hits.

  • Countryside, Mountains, and The Great Below Regions
  • Various Brick resources
  • Energy
  • Coins
  • Part Blueprints
  • Gadgets
  • Vehicles
  • Zeoy’s Tasks
  • Bill’s Build
  • Stories and Side Quest

How to play Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures

How to play Lego Hill Climb Racing
How to play Lego Hill Climb Racing

As soon as the player installs the game, a tutorial guides the user into exploring speeding and braking mechanisms while balancing is equally important. Below is easy to play using control buttons

  1. Tap on the Gas button to speed up the vehicle
  2. The brake allows the user to slow down and balance
  3. Keep on collecting Gas tokens before the vehicle runs out of gas
  4. Collect bricks and coins that lie on the road
  5. Unlock and upgrade minifigures and vehicles for a speedy walkthrough of the game
  6. Regularly participate in events for extra loot

How to get coins in Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures

Coins are the most common currency that can be collected at any level. Each level allows the collection of hundreds of coins while gems-to-coin conversion is possible from the shop menu.

How to earn gems in Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures

get gems fast
get gems fast

Gems are one of the most useful resources in the game. From a bunch of coins to Rainbow Bricks including vehicle blueprints, having access to gems is a shortcut for grinding.

Few tactics let users farm more gems than usual and avoid spending on unnecessary tokens.

  1. Climb higher in Adventures Level
  2. Regularly complete side and main quest
  3. Complete the story task for guaranteed gems after a few tiers
  4. Don’t forget to claim the ‘Daily Free’ reward
  5. Spending real money to buy in-game gems

If a user has already pre-registered, a bag of gems can be claimed from the shop. The game additionally provides 50 gems to log in and save progress.

How to get Bricks in Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures

Get bricks fast
Get bricks fast

There are various valuable bricks available in the game. Depending on the rarity, bricks help unlock new parts and blueprints. Upgrading vehicles and unlocking new gadgets with the help of bricks is faster.

Types of Bricks

  • Common Bricks – Grey
  • Rare Bricks – Red
  • Legendary Bricks – Pink
  • Rainbow Bricks – Colorful

During each level, common bricks spawn most frequently and in bulk. Each level rewards less than 5 rare bricks while hundreds of common ones.

As the journey proceeds deeper, legendary bricks are listed in the reward list of season passes. The player should focus on saving Rainbow bricks as each part of the car is revealed by one unit of it.

How to get Vehicles in Lego Hill Climb Racing Adventures

New vehicles in game
New vehicles in-game

Vehicles are one of the most important things that decide the rate of progress. Using better vehicles increases performance by significant factors thus reaching milestones faster than ever.

Players should collect coins that help unlock car packs while Legendary and Rainbow bricks help reveal blueprint parts.

List of All Vehicles

  • Hill Climber MK2
  • Buggy
  • Hill Climber MK3
  • Monster
  • Race Car
  • Bus
  • Hill Climber MK1
  • Old School
  • Ace
  • Law Rider
  • Cave Crawler

Each vehicle can be decorated with green, yellow, rainbow, and blue stripes. Apart from visual appearance, a few vehicle characteristics must be considered while entering a specific level. It includes Power, Off-Road performance, Safety, and Handling skills.


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