How to get Lamborghini Urus SE in Roblox Driving Empire?

Roblox Driving Empire is back with a Lamborghini collaboration introducing the Lamborghini Urus SE car, new events, and fun races to unlock it. Here is a step-by-step guide to claiming new unlockables without struggling for a long time.

How to unlock Lamborghini Urus SE in Driving Empire

The 2025 Lamborghini Urus SE is the newest car added in the recent update. The vehicle is listed in the Car Packs section beside the Pagani and Hennessey Venom F5 Roaster pack.

There are mainly two ways to unlock the car. The first one includes purchasing and spending 400 Robux to own a pack or competing in Car Trails to win a gold medal.

Below is a free way to claim the Lamborghini Urus SE

New car in Driving Empire
New car in Driving Empire
  1. Enter Lamborghini Lab from the arena
  2. Try to complete first-time user missions
  3. Participate in the Time Trials race
  4. The player must finish before 1 minute and 25 seconds for the gold badge
  5. Keep on participating until the badge is claimed
  6. Use this badge to redeem a Lamborghini car for free from the shop

Time Trials is an extremely difficult map to finish in under 2 minutes. Exploring sudden turns and shortcuts surely saves time. It is recommended to practice for several hours until the record is broken.


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