Android System Intelligence may instantly translate your documents with Live Translation

While the Live Caption feature transcribes the audio and video on devices into text captions, it is surprising that Android never had a built-in translator that readily and live translates languages. Thanks to Android System Intelligence’s Live Translate feature, we might not need to rely on external apps for translations.

During our exploration of Google Android System Intelligence (running on Android 15), we spotted the upcoming “Get Instant Translations” feature.

As the images state, enabling “Live Translate” will automatically detect a new language on the device, and ask if you want translations. Users can set a language for getting translation outcomes.

It seems that Android System Intelligence supports live translation feature on Messaging, Camera, and Interpreter Mode, and also integrates Live Caption. Given the underdevelopment of the mechanism, we aren’t entirely sure how the Live Translation feature works, but we assume it relies on text displayed on the screen (e.g. document or camera) and shows the translated results either overlayed text or in a pop-up box.

We were able to spot the features in Version U.0.sysimg.pixel6.557423134 in AVD.


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