Warzone Mobile is crippling with bugs and bots on Android

After witnessing over 50 million pre-registrations, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile made its official entry on March 21. Right from the beginning, users started facing several issues regarding bugs and glitches. Android devices are the hardest to get hit.

The recent patch, released on April 2, seems to have rolled out a bot-balancing mechanism. Even though the patch introduced Android Optimizations and Fixes, it also presented a bot issue. Players are seeing more bots than actual players in the multiplayer and Battle Royal matches.

More prevailing bugs in Warzone Mobile

Several Reddit users have reported the proper functioning of the game before the update, which performed smoothly on 60 FPS settings. But, after the Season 3 update, the game was hit hard by various bugs.

For most of the players, the game became unsteady and kept on crashing. Meanwhile, for some, the game failed to load the map. Check out the following image:

Warzone Mobile bug
Environment failed to render | Image source: r/delubyo10

More bots than players

In a statement, Activision confirmed the use of bots to make swift matchmaking and better balancing for newcomers. However, it looks like the bot-balancing algorithm is crippling with several glitches.

Reddit user LittlePeepkin via a post (spotted by Insider-Gaming), raised his concerns about multiplayer matches. It was his second match, and spotted that he was the only real player in his team of bots, against the enemy team with three real players. He conveyed his dissatisfaction by saying the game bored him.

Players identify the bots from their names, movements, and inability to interact.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile features one of the highest live player count in any mobile FPS Battle Royale game. Test your skills in battle by surviving and dominating the frontlines against up to 120 real players in exciting Battle Royale matches.

– Activision

Given is the official statement by Activision, where they even compared Warzone with other Battle Royale games.


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