Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hackers reveal unreleased Characters and Skins

Hackers have breached Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and are playing with unreleased characters and skins. The leaked graphics have started surfacing online. Warner Bros., the game’s publisher, is actively working to remove these unauthorized media, with several tweets on the issue already taken down

This incident recalls a recent ransomware attack on Insomniac Games, where a hacker group released sensitive data, including files of unreleased games. Now, it seems Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is facing a similar fate.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hack reveals Deathstroke character

For security reasons, images and links cannot be provided. However, reports indicate that a well-known hacker known as Delphi successfully bypassed Rocksteady’s security measures and accessed Deathstroke, along with additional accessories.

Despite some players having viewed this content on X (formerly Twitter), the Deathstroke model failed to load for others online, suggesting the current game version may lack the necessary code for introducing new characters and gear.

Playing with unreleased skins

Furthermore, leaked media on Reddit reveals that the hacker also has access to unreleased skins. One image showcases King Shark in a white outfit, armed with a machine gun with various options. Another image features a way too modernized pixelated (type of) skin for Harley Quinn.

In addition, leaked datamined files hint at upcoming Tier 2 and Tier 3 gear perks for Two-Face, along with insights into potential future characters like Flash and Green Lantern. These characters possibly are joining the game in the next season.

These incidents of data breaches have raised concerns within the community regarding developer security measures. Hacking not only grants access to paid content but also undermines fair play within the game. Neither WB nor Rocksteady have reacted to the issue.


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