PUBG Battlegrounds adds Destructible Terrain, Ducati Skins in Update 29.1

PUBG: Battlegrounds just released the 29.1 Update introducing a new tool -Pickaxe, Ducati skins, Destructible Terrain, and various bug and glitch fixes. Update 29.1 Patch Notes also includes chances to map service, gunplay, Survivor Pass, Workshop, and Mastery Medal.

PUBG Battlegrounds adds exciting features in the Update 29.1

Before the release of Patch Notes, a sneak peek was teased that showcased the use of a Pickaxe as well as a grenade to destroy the terrain and create space for strategic gameplay. Apart from this, the PUBG x Ducati collaboration introduces Ducati Containers across various maps.

Players can now destroy terrain

Destructible Terrain
Destructible Terrain

As previously announced in Roadmap 2024, the feature to form big hiding holes in open areas is made available. Teammates can make use of grenades, mortars, bombs, and explosions to destroy the area.

“Ever dreamed of creating your own cover by destroying the terrain? Or maybe racing through the battlegrounds on a Ducati? Update 29.1 makes those dreams come true! Dive into the Patch Notes for all the exciting details.”

Pickaxe does the same work but in a less effective and time-consuming manner. Also, cement, concrete, rock, or stone structures are indestructible towards frags.

Pickaxe weapon in Rondo Map


Developers have added plenty of new stuff focusing on the Rondo. A pickaxe is a weapon that is used to destroy terrain. As usual, players can collect Pickaxe from spawn locations.

Ducati Containers

Ducati Skins
Ducati Skins

Players who already unlocked Ducati skins can have access to these containers. Players can use the vehicles throughout the map along with the whole team squad.

The container locations are available in Erangel, Rondo, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Taego, and Deston. Unfortunately, special edition arrivals last for one month only.

Other Fixes

Other balance changes
Other balance changes

The update includes changes to the gunplay, bug fixes of gameplay, world, UX/UI, Items & Skins. Few necessary precautions have been taken to balance performance and reward appropriate resources in season 29.


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