Palworld v0.2.0.6 Update includes first ever Raid Boss

Palworld just released Raid Boss Update in the latest v0.2.0.6 for Steam and soon be available for Xbox once ready. Players can summon Raid Boss and defeat him for Pals Egg along with new content added and previous bug fixes.

Palworld v0.2.06 introduces Raid Boss for the first time

With the latest Patch Notes, players can summon Boss Pals from the altar with the help of slabs. Compared to ordinary Pals, Bosses are powerful and can be defeated by working with Base Pals. Each fight drops Pals Egg which would later hatch a new Pal.

New Items Added

Palworld New Update
Palworld New Update

Developers have added plenty of new features & items that help to check Pals Stats, move efficiently, gain points, recover lost HP, and many more things.

  • Ore Mining Site
  • Training Manual
  • Electric Egg Incubator
  • Ring of Mercy
  • Mercy Hit
  • Ability Glasses
  • Homeward Thundercloud
  • Ancient Technical Manual
  • Power, Stout, and Life Fruit

Base Modifications

Antique Dresser will allow Palworld players to customize the appearance of a character from anywhere and anytime. Transportation of items and chest filters are available for higher benefits besides relaxation in building and assembling.

Changes to Pals Ability

Pals are the most focused component of the game and require constant nerfs and buffs. This update has resolved negative pal status, increasing high-quality fluid and oil by certain pals.

In the end, players are left with a roadmap for the Summer 2024 update which will be massive adding new weapons, buildings, tower bosses, scenery, islands, and more.


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