IGN Fools Gamers with Nintendo Switch’s “Virtual Boy Pro” AR Headset Prank

On the day of April Fool, IGN pranks its readers by uploading a video of Nintendo Switch getting a new compatible hardware accessory – Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro. Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro appears as a Virtual Reality (VR) headset that unites with the Switch console and controls the screen with detachable Joy-Con controllers.

As per the prank post by IGN, Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro will allow Switch users to enjoy a wide array of official video game titles in AR. For instance, IGN showcased a person playing Mario Kart using this AR device, but on the actual road with an actual vehicle. And, as expected, she was able to take her ride on a whole exciting level.

Mario Kart on Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro
Real-life Mario Kart with actual vehicle with Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro (Image via IGN)

When we think about our history of beloved and successful handheld and console hardware here at Nintendo, we specifically don’t think about the Virtual Boy at all.

– Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo game designer

Thank god the video was just an April Fool’s prank. With IGN, labeling the article with EXCLUSIVE, it’s very likely to fall for the joke.

Nonetheless, various gamers have humorously reacted to the video:

I’m going to cancel my Valve Deckard pre-order and get this instead!

The quality of this passthrough is better than Apple and Meta’s headset. Nintendo rule the world!

But, what if the real announcement came? What would be your reaction? Let us know in the comment section below.


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