Age of Empires Mobile surpasses 1 million pre-registrations in a week

Age of Empires Mobile launched its First Beta on 28 March, and within a week, it surpassed 1 million pre-registrations. Milestone rewards are available for eligible pre-registered users from France, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Age of Empires Mobiles crossed 1 million pre-registrations within a few days of April Beta


Age of Empires (AOE) franchise is well-known for publishing PC and console video games. Ensemble Studios already has a few popular titles like; AoE: Return of Glory and AoE: V and now they are planning to enter the mobile gaming industry with AOE mobile – a mobile war strategy game.

In the attempt to debut, the first Android beta for AoE Mobile is launched before the actual global release.

To celebrate over 1 million pre-registrations, a new milestone system is introduced to reward beta users with some in-game resources and tokens to boost their progress.

Claim your milestone rewards

  • 100K Users: 150K tokens of wood, stone, food and gold
  • 500k Users: 1 unit of Training Speed Up, Tech Research Speed Up, and Hour Build Speed Up
  • 1 Million Users: Empire Token & 2 Legendary Arrival Recruitment Token

As of now, a close beta is available for Android users from select countries and will launch for iOS users in the next phase. In the meantime, feedback is always welcomed for necessary modifications, bugs, and glitch fixes. Players can contribute from their side and the best contributor gets an in-game resource bundle.


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