A new logo artwork for Rockstar’s 25th anniversary leaked

Rockstar released the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 on the occasion of its 25th anniversary back in December 2023. However, a new logo artwork of the Rockstar Studio has surfaced on the internet, which boasts hidden components and Easter Eggs from different Rockstar games.

LoopLoop61 shared the Rockstar logo artwork via Reddit post. He anticipates the logo to take over the current trademark. However, we have no clear idea of the authenticity of the logo. Is it fanmade or official, or generated using Artificial Intelligence? It is advised to wait for the official confirmation from the studio.

“I don’t quite understand what this means, but I think Rockstar will completely change its logo to this one at its company.”, says LoopLoop61.

“I believe a new era is coming, and it will start with GTA 6 and more in the future.”, LoopLoop61 continued.

The new Rockstar logo will not replace the old one

The new logo of Rockstar Studio leaked online
The new logo of Rockstar Studio leaked online

However, it’s doubtful for the current logo to be replaced with the given one. The reason is that the logo is stuffed with a plethora of content. And, when it comes to a presentation, a clean and elegant logo is preferred. The existing one does fit for the purpose, perfectly.

It is a tradition of Rockstar to release a special art, made exclusively for some events. It does not necessarily mean the replacement. Rockstar’s collection page has diverse logos, which were later used on vehicles in the game.

The focus of the logo

The leaked logo portrays the 25-year history of Rockstar. The leak logo boasts Bravado Banshee from GTA 6, a few elements possibly from Red Dead Redemption 2, Bully, Max Payne, and also the cover girl of GTA 5.

Car in the new Rockstar logo
Car in the new Rockstar logo

Among these elements, a car at the right-bottom corner caught the community’s attention. Even though the car looks more like an updated Banshee, the leaker claims it is a new inclusion in GTA 6.

Given that the leak is just an anticipation, players must not jump to any conclusion and take the news with a pinch of salt.


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