SkibiVerse 2.0: How to complete Demo 2.0 Quest?

With the new quest of Demo 2.0, players can easily get into SkibiVerse 2.0 which is at early access at this stage. The mission is quite simple to complete but users have struggled to find Dark Matter Source followed by a collapsed portal and secret to complete the quest.

Here is a guide on Demo 2.0 quest completion with detailed steps. Follow the instructions and enter a new world of SkibiVerse 2.0.

How to complete Demo 2.0 in SkibiVerse 2.0

Demo 2.0 Quest
Demo 2.0 Quest

Similar to the previous Buzzsaw Mutant, this quest consists of three sub-tasks leading to completion once accomplished. Have a look at the instructions below that will eventually lead players towards victory.

  1. Start Demo 2.0 from the new Quest menu
  2. Find Dark Matter Source in the map
  3. Explore ‘????????’ location
  4. Finally, find the collapsed portal
  5. Quest has been completed
  6. Players can choose to enter the SkibiVerse 2.0 world.

Let’s understand each of these actions in detail. Be sure to find these areas on different maps. Also, there is requirement of 4 friends to achieve easy success.

1. How to find Dark Matter Source

Dark Matter Source Location
Dark Matter Source Location

As the quest is divided into three main parts, the first task includes exploring a world map until a new morph is found. This is a Dark Source Matter morph and is easily located in the main city, spawning between the void spaces of the building.

The image illustrates the exact point where you can capture enormous morphs in the game.

2. Complete Second Missing

Enter the door
Enter the door

Once the morph has been located, the player needs to find the tallest building consisting of multiple doors. This has been marked as 8 question mark signs making it more mysterious than before.

3. How to find a Collapsed Portal

Collapsed Portal
Collapsed Portal

As soon as the next task is completed, head towards a nearby building which would eventually unlock a secret portal. Enter the building and look for a violet shiny portal on each floor.

Once a portal is found, choose the Investigate portal and enter the portal leading to a new world.


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