Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Debug Menu Reveals Interesting Information

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 developers have come up heavily with the latest patch, that introduces long-awaited features. Along with features like New Game+ and Action Figure Mode, Insomniac accidentally rolled out access to their Development Game Mode. But the use of this feature comes up with a bizarre risk.

Insomniac Games, via a post on X, has made it clear that the Development Game Menu has provided access to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 code inadvertently. The studio also cautioned players to use the development mode as it can corrupt the saves and trophy progress.

Apart from the Developer Menu, the rest of the game is set to proceed normally.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC tweaked

Given the access to code, some players have noticed files that contain several missions that are not available yet. As per a few names from the code, The Beetle DLC seems to be on the way.

In the Silver Patch menu, the Beetle Villain Arc option has surfaced. And in the Beetle Villain Arc list says:

  • Beetle Janice Intro
  • Beetle Reveal
  • Beetle Ambush
  • Beetle Construction
  • Beetle Convoy
  • Beetle Boss

Whether The Beetle-named files are related to quests or the actual DLC is not affirmed.

Gamer Stones already reported the leak regarding the DLC, but it’s too soon to take a firm decision on the matter. The accidental rolling out of the Developer Menu will surely come with substantial follow-ups of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Nonetheless, Insomniac is working on fixing the nuisance, and the upcoming update will remove the current access to the code.

Gaming Communities Questions Insomniac

Since the Insomniac Data Breach, several plans for the game were exposed. It’s no doubt that the content will be altered. But, now the gamers are questioning the safety of Insomniac.

Data breach through the ransomware was not the deal, as it’s out of their purview. However, the developer’s own huge mistake is spoiling it.

Could be intention

Although the developer menu is open, it is very likely the incident to intentional. As we all know, developers will never release the update without testing it. This could be a strategic move from the developers to create hype.


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