Google is advertising Pixel 8 phones on the Search homepage

Google primarily advertises its product on the Search Result Page and within its ecosystems like YouTube, Gmail, or Play Store. These advertisements either come through Display or Text ads. However, Google seems to be planning a new advertisement for Pixel 8 directly on the Search homepage.

9to5Google reported the incident, where a promotional notification on the Search homepage seems to appear, encouraging users to try Google Pixel 8. A highlighted Upgrade Now button is showcased which, on clicking, directs to However, as per the advertisement, the button must redirect to the official listing of Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro listing pages.

Google’s advertisement of Pixel 8 on the Search homepage

The notification boasts a Google logo on the left side, indicating the trusted promotion. In most cases, Google aligns its logo on the pages requiring trust or Sign-in action.

However, the logo alignment must not be deemed misleading action as it seems to be general with Google notifications as well. For instance, the Sign-in prompt also shows it. It might be the User Interface redesign that came along with the modification to the Sign-in page.

Google sign-in prompt
Google sign-in prompt too has a Logo on the left side

Such advertisements might trigger anti-competitive actions

As of now, there is no record of Google bringing its Products on the Seach homepage. And as Google is a dominant search engine, doing so might trigger some anti-competitive actions. Such actions will also provide Google products with an unfair advantage over its competitors. Moreover, it can even upset its users.

Nonetheless, Google Store’s spring sale is going off on April 6. In case you are considering Pixel phones, it might be a perfect time.


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