Anime Fighters Simulator Update 59 Codes [New & Working]

Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator is back with plenty of new additions in the Update 59. Reincarnation Highschool is focused on strengthening players to defeat the toughest enemies and explore hidden islands.

Here is everything you need to know about this update. In the end, a few Update 59 Codes are working perfectly fine. Use them to collect extra coins and resources.

Anime Fighting Simulator Update 59

Update Log
Update Log

Compared to the previous update, Update 59.0.0 is massive in terms of unlockables and minor nerfs and buffs to existing units. Below is a list of things that players can collect from now onwards.

  • Reincarnation Highschool
  • 3 New Auras
  • 12 New Fighters
  • 3 Evolved Units
  • Gates (game mode)
  • Portal Master
  • Secret Island (hidden)

Through the Update Log, it becomes easier for users to understand all the changes that took place recently.

New Evolutions for 3 Units

Divine Units
Divine Units

From the existing units, 3 units are ready to become enormously strong after the evolution process. Players can easily evolve troops from the Unit Evolution tab.

  • True Being
  • True Demon King
  • Evolved Moon Demon

Portal Master

Portal Master & Gates
Portal Master & Gates

New Gates are available to venture into using E Rank Gate Token. Using these tokens, users can enter a portal that leads them to a mysterious location.

At present, completing missions leads to access to Portals and Gates or purchases can be made through a shop.

Update 59 Codes

Anime Fighters Simulator Update 59 Codes
Anime Fighters Simulator Update 59 Codes
  • Update59!
  • gohupdate!
  • JoinLoyals!
  • Loyalscode!
  • 20KWEUP
  • koroFightersSim
  • BossStudioLoyals!
New update
New update

Once a player is aware of a new update, it’s time to deep dive into accomplishing it. But before that, New Codes that are available should be redeemed before expiring.

Have a look at the above codes and use them quickly for free stuff.


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