The Legend of Tartar Guide: How to Play, Skill Tier List, Tips & Tricks

The Legend of Tartar is a pixel roguelike game developed by Byabyak Games. The main protagonist, Tartar, is set on an adventurous journey to defeat dangerous monsters while everything happens inside the dreams during sleep.

Not only does the game include multiple stages followed by the final boss but skill-enhancing abilities that support Tartar to boost attack and Health. Here is The Legend of Tartar guide on how to play effectively and complete level walkthroughs at a faster rate.

The Legend of Tartar Guide

The L:egend of Tartar Guide
The Legend of Tartar Guide

A pixel roguelike theme-based game depicting the story of heroic acts and efforts of Tartar in defeating enormous and fierce monsters. The level of difficulty increases as the walkthrough moves forward.

  • Skills
  • Mastery
  • Equipment
  • Buff
  • Skill Box

How to play The Legend of Tartar

The Legend of Tartar: How to play
The Legend of Tartar: How to play

The player needs to acquire maximum skills that improve attacking ability and overall HP points. After each sub-level, the user must choose the best skill among the 3 that shuffles every time. Using this skill on enemies to kill them instantly.

  1. Click Enter Stage to start battles
  2. Choose one best skill among 3 others
  3. Use this skill to wipe off the enemy wave
  4. After each level, the player gets a chance to equip an additional skill
  5. Upgrade character & Mastery for extra benefit
  6. Keep on grinding until all monsters are defeated.

The Legend of Tartar Tier List

The Legend of Tartar Tier List
The Legend of Tartar Tier List

Unlocking new skills and upgrading them through Mastery helps to increase their impact and dominance over evils. Below is a list of skills that players should equip to easily beat the game

Skill Tier List

Skill Tier List
Skill Tier List
  • Fireball
  • Flame
  • Judgment
  • Whirlwind
  • Storm
  • Burst
  • Wave
  • Tail
  • Hot Pepper
  • Skull
  • Mushroom
  • Molar
  • Invisibility
  • Lightning
  • Barrier
  • Amplification
  • Vampire
  • Heal
  • Eyeball
  • Fish
  • Butterfly
Best Skills
Best Skills

The following skills can be leveled up to 5 stars each through Skill Box. Use this wisely and select abilities that deal great damage compared to ordinary ones.

Each skill has some properties that differentiate it from others. Cooltime deposits period after which skills run off while element type, reflection rate, and absorption rate are too important.

The Legend of Tartar Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
  1. Choose the best skill from the initial phase
  2. Get your favorite skill to 5 stars before the final boss arrives
  3. Upgrade Tartar to increase its HP
  4. Mastery is one of the best equipment to see instant results
  5. Save your resources to level up valuable items first

The above tricks should be used to enhance the gaming experience. Most players are stuck in a basic mechanism that has been resolved using these tips. Playing games for a longer duration leads to better understanding and makes you master.


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