Skull and Bones: How to Get Repair Kit 2 & Blueprint Location

Skull and Bones is not just about crafting the best ship and fighting with enemies but also completing quests and progressing the walkthrough toward the end. This journey is adventurous and requires a collection of super samples and in-game items.

Vorona Falls location
Vorona Falls location

Similar to the Silver collection, sand casting, lime, and shellac are equally important. But the protagonist and the ship need to heal and recover itself from damage and a Repair Kit is necessary for faster recovery of the hulls.

How to get Repair Kit II Blueprint Location in Skull and Bones

get repair kit
get repair kit

To hunt for the next kit of the game, the player should accomplish an earlier quest that required the use of Repair Kit I. Once done, it’s time to travel across seas to grab our next item.

  1. Go to Vorona Falls with the help of a map
  2. Search for the nearest Vendor to carry out the trade
  3. Purchase Repair Kit Blueprint with 670 silver coins
  4. Take this piece of Carpenter
  5. Use 3 Scavenged Wood and 3 Rusty Nails to craft
  6. Repair Kit 2 has been successfully crafted

Once crafted, the ship’s hull can restore the health of 18,000 points which is pretty impressive.

Repair Kit 1
Repair Kit 1

Similarly, Repair Kit 1 can be crafted by trading silver with its blueprint and then crafting which requires 1 quantity of Scavenged Wood and metal Salvage. Use: upgrades weapon and increases hull health by 6,000 points.


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