Roblox SkibiVerse: How to get Buzzcut Mutant + Berserker Morph

Roblox SkibiVerse is all about exploring different areas and completing quests to unlock new morphs in the game. With the latest SkibiVerse 2.0 Update, new missions have been assigned to claim new characters.

New quests in Skibiverse
New quests in Skibiverse

These brand-new morphs are Buzzcut Mutant and Berserker Mutant. Both are easily achievable upon completing certain tasks in the Science Lab.

How to get Buzzcut Mutant in SkibiVerse

Buzzcut mutant Morph
Buzzcut mutant Morph

Buzzsaw Mutant is a fusion of a robotic body with a human face. Follow the steps below to proceed to starting the quest and finishing it without struggling for a longer time.

  1. Start Science My Favorite quest from the menu
  2. Use the Home map to find hidden science location
  3. Head towards Science Lab
  4. Solve 3 Emoji lock
  5. Press E to accomplish the Science Experiment
  6. Claim Both the morphs from the inventory

As you can see, the user needs to grind to find the exact password of the emoji lock. Either you guys can simply follow hints and clues or take help from the below answer to it.

Emoji Lock Password
Emoji Lock Password

The first emoji should be a red angered person, the second with a cross of red, and the last of the audio. At this moment, the player has almost completed all the requirements of the mission.

How to get Berserker Mutant in SkibiVerse

Berserker Mutant Morph
Berserker Mutant Morph

Berserker Morph is pretty similar to Buzzsaw but has the toughest abilities unlocked. It should be noted that both toilets (characters) unlock by the same quest.

Furthermore, upon successfully claiming these units, they have a fight with Mutant Skibidi Toilet and Double Plunger which were introduced recently.


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