Mario vs Donkey Kong: How to Beat Donkey Kong (Final Boss)

Mario vs Donkey Kong is available and players can play Mario characters to defeat DK (Donkey Kong) from various levels until the Final Boss fight takes place. The game has mainly two endings – First Ending & True Ending.

How to beat Donkey Kong in Mario vs Donkey Kong

Beat Donkey Kong
Beat Donkey Kong

Here is a guide on how to beat Donkey Kong easily. After each level fight, cutscenes provide ideas on whether the walkthrough has been completed or not. Also, step-by-step instructions are listed to never fail anymore.

Donkey Kong Fight & First Ending

First Ending
First Ending

Before the first Boss fight begins, cutscenes are presented where DK successfully catches a few Toads in the coin bag and runs away from Mario.

  1. Always avoid Barrels and other obstructions
  2. Collect Red Key and free Red Toad from the lock
  3. College Gold Key and free Yellow Toad from the cage
  4. Finally, collect a Sample Key to make Blue Toad Escape
  5. Now, use Barrels provided by tiny toads to attack on Donkey Kong
  6. For each attack, DK moves one level down
  7. After 3 Attacks, Donkey Kong falls from a building and is defeated
Final Boss
Final Boss

At this point, most players consider it the end of the game but it is the First Ending and not the true one.

Final Boss Fight & True Ending

True Ending
True Ending

Mario runs after DK, who has caught mini-mario toys. Mario stops him and thus the final fight begins. Follow the below instructions to easily defeat DK for the second time.

  1. Avoid obstruction to free Mini-Mario toys
  2. Use Barrels to unlock 1 mini-Mario each time
  3. After 6 attacks, all toys are freed from DK
  4. Now, attack for the last time to destroy the DK weapon
  5. Finally, Donkey Kong has been defeated

This is the true ending and the Mario vs Donkey Kong Solo walkthrough has been accomplished.


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