How to get Royal Custodian Armour in Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones Co-op quests are always challenging and fun. Not only does the player earn Silver but also other parts of ships. Such one is The Colonial Shipment quest that rewards the Royal Custodian with perfect armor.

Here is a guide on How to unlock Royal Custodian along with Silver coins, Torsion Spring, Wine, Brandy, Samples, Treasure Map, and many more.

Royal Custodian Armour

World Events
World Events

Glamorous and Golden armor with a Tier List made for prosperous pirates. Below are stats of armor to ensure grinding is done and is worth it for future events.

  • Explosive: 24%
  • Flooding: 12%
  • Fire: 12%
  • Tearing: 0%

How to get Royal Custodian Armour in Skull and Bones

Royal Custodian Skull and Bones
Royal Custodian Skull and Bones

The player needs to complete The Colonial Shipment mission to unlock this armor. The loot area is located near Central Basin and is tightly safeguarded by powerful weapons.

Follow the below instructions to complete the task as well as claim additional loot that can be looted with simple tricks.

  1. Locate The Colonial Shipment on the Map
  2. Destroy Superbe, Pellicorne and Victoire Ships
  3. Execute this task before the Merchant Convoy reaches the destination
  4. Use Fastest Ship to destroy enemy effectively
  5. College Royal Custodian as well as other loot items after the World Event completed
Complete quest and mission
Complete quest and mission

In the beginning, wiping off the Victoire ship is easy but needs more time to take on Superbe. Pellicorne is the easiest of them. Cutthroat rewards are claimed on the destruction of Boss boats.


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