How to get a Big Boat in Skull and Bones?

In the beginning, players start with a small fleet (boat) and the story begins. This is a Skull and Bones game that has been recently released. There are plenty of things that players struggle to accomplish and such one is crafting bigger boats.

Here is a guide on how to get a big boat in Skull and Bones by completing the first few missions. Simply follow the instructions and you will be the owner of the biggest boat in the game.

How to get Big Boat in Skull and Bones

Ship Blueprints in Skull and Bones
Ship Blueprints in Skull and Bones

Once the protagonist gets the letter from a ship that was destroyed earlier. Using this letter to start a first mission in Jon Scrulock’s Office by making a short conversation.

Start the first question where we are assigned to craft a few simple tools. Head towards Shipwreck and start the mission instantly. These tools are Pickaxe, Sickle, and Saw.

Take the help of a carpenter to create tools and use a newly formed Saw to cut Acacia Trees which would play a major role in the upcoming time.

Use letter to start the quest
Use the letter to start the quest

Trees having broad and bright green leaves are characteristic of Acacia Wood found at various locations. Maps help us understand the different areas very well.

At this stage, the quest has been completed and the craft is a vast boat in Seaworthy Ship Quest. The simplest one is a Bedar (The Rummer) ship while other shops require more materials.

Ship Selection
Ship Selection

Through this place, collect new Ship Blueprints which will help to unlock more fleets through ship selection. Such as Padewakang Blueprint or Blaster Sloop Blueprint.

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