How to Farm Super Uranium Samples in Helldivers 2

Completing quests and missions in Helldivers 2 is greatly affected by difficulty. Normal and Hard modes have moderate levels while a Suicidal mission seems impossible. In the same mode, players struggle to collect Super Uranium even after trying for several days.

Here is a guide on finding Super Samples as well as Common and Rare kinds as well. Despite scarcity, few secret locations consist of all of these tokens in good amounts.

How to get Super Uranium Samples in Helldivers 2

Super Samples
Super Samples

As we know, Super Credits are valuable currency of the game and need to be used wisely. The same is true for these samples. Follow the below steps and farm samples in the easiest way

  1. Start Suicidal Mission in Helldivers 2
  2. Search for Big Mountain (vertical rock) structures in the surrounding
  3. Simply nuke the area from long distance
  4. Explore and collect dropped Super Samples
  5. The player gets Common, Rare, and Super Uranium
  6. Take the help of friends to collect tokens in good quantity.

Now you know the best trick that guarantees resources for sure. A few other ways let you get super uranium but in a few quantities.

Helldivers 2 New Update
Helldivers 2 New Update

Find a small wreckage on the ground where 2 to 3 coins can be collected. At last, Upgrade weapons & Ship Modules and keep grinding in this exciting journey.


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