Helldivers 2: SMG-37 Defender Guide

To maintain democracy and liberty, Helldivers 2 players should be highly skilled and equipped with primary weaponry as well as highly effective startegems along with other essential loadout items such as Super Credits. This not only helps to kill enemies fast but also lasts longer even in suicidal difficulty.

Such a weapon is the SMG-37 Defender with a pretty low fire rate but easy to handle and aim. Here is everything you need to know about this Submachine gun along with tips and tricks.

Helldivers 2 SMG-37 Defender

Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun

Being a Submachine gun, Defender can be handled with a single hand. There are multiple primary guns but SMG is decent in destruction and usability.

  • Damage: 70
  • Capacity: 45
  • Recoil: 10
  • Fire rate: 520
  • Light Armour Penetrating
  • One Handed

Through the stats, it is seen that the recoil rate is extremely low along with the fire rate thus taking more time after the player runs out of ammo.

Best Tips and Tricks for SMG-37 Defender

Helldivers 2 Defender
Helldivers 2 Defender

There are a total of 7 mags but seems pretty low compared to Laser Cannon which has over 10 once upgraded. Therefore bullets should not be unnecessarily fired as they are limited.

In most cases, try using FP mode as aiming accuracy is enhanced due to the red dot scope. Also, SMG is brilliant at executing long and small-range targets.

Tips to use SMG 37
Tips to use SMG 37

Compared to the AR-23E Liberator, the damage rate is higher along with other parameters. It’s not the best weapon to carry in any mode but has good caliber during battles.


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