Helldivers 2: How to Use AR-23E Liberator Explosive (Best Ways)

Every player grinds hard to secure democracy with the help of overpowering weapons in Helldivers 2. Depending on the difficulty of the level, there are plenty of choices for primary weapons but explosive guns are highly preferred over ordinary ones. Such a weapon is a Liberator Explosive.

Here is a guide on Helldivers 2 Liberator weapon on unlocking, using effectively to win missions, and the best tips for instant improvements.

AR-23E Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2

AR-23E Weapon
AR-23E Weapon

Being primary weaponry, the player must select one that helps to counter enemies until the arena is secured. Below are stats that showcase the extreme nature and capabilities of the gun.

  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 55
  • Capacity: 30
  • Recoil: 28
  • Fire rate: 320
  • Light Armour Penetrating
  • Explosive
Helldivers 2 guide
Helldivers 2 guide

There are two similar loadouts: AR23-Liberator & AR-23P Liberator Penetrator but they are not as impressive similar to Helldivers 2 Laser Cannon.

How to unlock AR-23E Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2

Unlock easily
Unlock Easily

Right from the start, players can claim through Battle Pass Premium. Steered Veterans are allowed to use Medals & Super Samples in exchange for Liberator. Follow the below steps to unlock and try out in the arena.

  1. Purchase Battle Pass in Helldivers 2
  2. Collect 20 medals and Super Credits by leveling up
  3. Use these 20 medals to unlock Liberator Explosive.
  4. Switch to First Person to aim for accurate shooting
  5. Increase ammo mags for more capacity
  6. Accomplish each mission with AR weapons.

Best Tips

best way to use weaponry
best way to use weaponry

Switch to First Person: Instead of shooting enemies directly, enter FP mode and use aim assist to work efficiently for you.

Set Single Fire: Instead of Auto or Burst: This allows reduced recoil to fire explosives. The player should tap fast to throw multiple shots at once.

Increase Mag limit: Some players haven’t collected resupply, armour, or mags to increase ammo capacity. The higher the bullets, the more chances of surviving.

Have a look at gameplay for a better understanding and the best way to utilize the harder modes.


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