Helldivers 2: Best Stratagems for Solo Players

Stratagems are an important part of the loadouts that enhance the abilities of the protagonist. From the early levels, use varies from protecting to dealing extensive damage to enemies.

But, players should have a few super sample that are highly effective while playing Solo without friends. Below are Helldivers 2 stratagems for the early stage as well as for extreme difficulty which seems impossible or suicidal at times.

Best Stratagems for Solo Players in Helldivers

In the initial levels, the player has limited resources and weapon options thereby selection must be crucial to survive and maintain democracy.

Shield Generator (Early Game)

Early Game Stratagems
Early Game Stratagems

Among all stratagems listed, Shield Generator significantly boosts player performance by blocking attacks of Chargers and Stalkers along with Automatons. Being Solo, the player has to take on enemies as well as protect himself from lethal damage.

Shield Generator once activated forms a protective boundary that counters damage until hitpoints run off thus acting as extra health. Instead of focusing on dealing deadly shots, lasting longer can be achieved using these Startegems.

Rail Gun (Extreme Difficulty)

Late Game Stratagems
Late Game Stratagems

When the game progresses into the late stage, with increasing levels, difficulty takes a mighty form. Powerful enemies such as Bile Titan and Hulk Busters have pretty good health.

With Rail Gun, even the thickest armor is penetrated and shot that nearly wipes the boss within a fraction of a second. Be sure to target the weak parts of the boss to take maximum advantage of the situation.


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