Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Update Codes (February 2024)

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds‘ new update has finally arrived and is now live. This is the Soul Fruit Update along with the Cake Island map that contains Big Mom Boss as a powerful antagonist and Soul Fruit of the mythical kind.

At last, get Codes for Fruit Battlegrounds that will help you collect more coins and provide an opportunity to unlock Soul Fruit from the chest as easily as possible.

Soul Fruit Update in Fruit Battlegrounds

Fruit Battlegrounds Codes
Fruit Battlegrounds Codes

As we all know, this update was expected to be on the weekend but suddenly surprised everyone. Players should learn about how to get Soul Fruit which is rarest of all as of now.

  • Soul Fruit (New)
  • Big Mom Boss (fight)
  • Whole Cake World (location)
  • New Quests and Missions
  • Cake Island
  • Soul-Soul Fruit
  • Minor Balance Changes

Soul Fruit

Soul Fruit
Soul Fruit

Every user was waiting for the next fruit and finally, Soul Fruit was ready to claim from the game. Mythical has low success changes of 0.03% while this fruit has a 0.02% probability of unlocking.

We recommend you try your luck by grinding your chest and getting the fruit. Use them again Big Mom to test its abilities and unique finish style.

Cake Island

Whole Cake Island
Whole Cake Island

Unlock and enter Whole Cake by conversing with the NPC in the main arena. You can explore a new map which has houses made of ice cream cones and donuts. Everything looks tasty and colorful.

In this world, Big Mom Boss can be spawned in the B.I.G building and defeated for another great achievement and reward.

Soul Fruit Update Codes

Fruit Battlegrounds New Codes
Fruit Battlegrounds New Codes

With recent updates, New Codes that are working perfectly well are available for Fruit Battlegrounds. Be an early player to redeem each of them before they run out of their period.

  • N3W0RLD
  • Y000560
  • 550P0GG
  • NEWY34R2024
  • 540DAYUM
  • 530GYAT
Update is live
Update is live

The only key to unlock new fruit is to open as many as the chest via the keys. The update log contains everything from new fruit to codes of February 2024 and changes in the arena.


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