Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo is Out with 2 Hour-Long Gameplay

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer dropped on February 7th along with the demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Players can only play on PlayStation 5. The gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is almost 2 hours long. Fans will be able to investigate Nibelheim in the Demo gameplay.

It was a game some fans had wanted for decades, though the ending proved divisive as it effectively declared that the continuation of the story had plans far beyond being simple. We are finally about to find out what those plans are. The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as a whole Starts with the Nibelheim flashback.

Players will play as the main character Cloud Strife and Sephiroth as the main villain in the demo called “The Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim”. The Demo will receive an update on February 21st as soon as the player has completed “The Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim”.

The other demo that presents more content of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the “Dawn of a New Era in Junon“.

After completing the Nibelheim demo, players can leave the identical portion of the game. The players containing the data from the Nibelheim demo can assert a Kupo charm and adventuring items in the full Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Game.

One of the items is the attachment that enhances the resources items. The other items will be potions and ethers that will support you during the gameplay and will be called a Survival Set.

State of Play

The trailer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth shows some glimpses of the game’s content that have increased the hype of the players. The state of play of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was separated into two sections. The Gameplay shows some content that includes the following:

  • Queen Blood Card Game Mini Game
  • Folios
  • Weapon skills
  • Date with Aerith
  • Item Crafting
  • Bill and Chocobos
  • World Map
  • Life Spring
  • Titan Summon Intel
  • Combat highlights
  • Fiend Intel
  • Protorelic
  • Boss Fight and Sephiroth

Final Fantast VII Rebirth Demo is out now on the PlayStation 5.


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