Top 3 Best Town Hall 16 Attack Strategy (TH16 Army)

With the biggest update, Town Hall 16 was introduced in the Clash of Clans. TH16 includes new troops, spells, defenses, and most importantly improvised attack strategy to deal with 3 stars in war and Clan War Leagues.

Being maxed out, players struggle to collect 3 stars due to various factors. The most prominent factor is the lack of perfect army composition followed by a strategy to apply under different conditions. Here is a solution to all your problems to lead you to victory in each battle.

Town Hall 16 Attack Strategy

Here are the top 5 armies considered best to destroy a fully max base. Few army types have a better grip over air troops while others outsmart group defenses. Be sure to follow the created base to safeguard the village from foreign attacks.

1. Super DraLoons

Super DraLoons Army
Super DraLoons Army
  • Balloon: 7
  • Super Dragon:6
  • Super Wall Breaker: 1
  • Healer: 2
  • Archer: 3
  • Headhunter:1
  • Rage: 2
  • Freeze: 5
  • Recall spell: 1
  • Clan Castle: 1 Super Dragon + 2 balloons + 1 Invisible + 1 rage
  • Stone Slammer
  • All Heroes & Pets

First of all, search for a base that has air defenses situated at the corners. Destroying at least two of them using Archer Queen followed by 2 healers using Queen Walk. As soon as the first building is destroyed, use the Recall spell to change the position of the queen.

The funnel has been created, deploying Super Dragons in bunches along with balloons and clan castle troops to support them. There is no need for a poison spell in this attack.

Using the rest of the hero combination from the other side to distract defenses while using a freeze spell at the appropriate time is essential. Keep on practicing to improve your skills.

2. Root Rider Army

Root RIder
Root RIder
  • Root Rider: 11
  • Ice golem: 2
  • Electro Titan: 2
  • Headhunter: 1
  • Heal: 1
  • Rage: 2
  • Freeze: 5
  • CC: 1 Electro Titan +1 Yeti
  • Max level Heroes & Pets

Root Rider army is suitable for base having strong balls while defenses may not be situated perfectly. Use golems as a damage-taking unit to spam Root Rider in a one-corner direction.

Once walls are destroyed, use BK and Archer Queen to destroy the inner building. There is no threat of major defenses one Town Hall gets destroyed quickly. Rage and Freeze spells can be used to temporarily stop unit mechanisms and boost our army strength.

Among all armies, this strategy is most easy and requires less attention under any circumstances. Gamerstones highly recommends using it in War attacks as there are high chances of getting 3 stars.

3. Electro + Root Rider

TH16 Army
TH16 Army
  • Electro Titan: 5
  • Root Rider: 8
  • Rage: 2
  • Freeze: 5
  • Skeleton: 2
  • CC: Yeti + Titan

Most powerful army to defeat ground defense-themed base. Simple deploy Root Rider units followed by heroes and electro Titan at any spot. Grand Warden should be selected to heal from the back eliminating the need to heal spells.

Once inferno towers targeted at a single type are destroyed, victory is ours with 100% destruction. If you have not yet maxed the game, here are Clash of Clans accounts to consider while upgrading and setting priorities.


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