The Finals’ Ban Wave Accidentally Hits Non-Cheaters

The Finals 1.4.0 patch rolled out anti-cheating mechanisms to tackle the cheaters disturbing fair play. However, the update seems to be glitched as it has banned several innocent non-cheating players.

The Finals has proven to be a hit free-to-player shooter, which reached maximum capacity on Steam and recorded 7.5 million players in open beta mode. However, numerous reports of uncontrolled cheating continued to surface. In due response to punish those cheaters, on December 8, Embark Studios released a wave of bans, leaving many accounts banned, including some genuine Twitch streamers.

The news surfaced after a Tweet by The Verge’s senior journalist, which implicitly stated that it’s a false wave of the ban by the looks of things and that players with no cheating background are penalized as well.

Bans Will Retract

As the game is relatively new, the update might have mistaken players with too good metrics for cheaters. Given the fame of Embark, there is absolutely no reason to petrify as there are already some incidents where the bans on legitimate players were lifted up.

Even after this storm, Embark Studios has not officially responded to the issue.


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