Sakura Stand: How to get Snowflakes & Ice Reaper in Xmas Event

Roblox Sakura Stand has made the Xmas Event Update Live bringing a series of missions to claim exciting character specs and tokens. Through the whole update, the game focuses on collecting a maximum number of Snowflakes allowing users to unlock anything they want in Holiday Update.

Here is a guide on how to unlock Ice Reaper which is categorized at top spec in the tier list. To do so, having access to a massive amount of Snowflakes is required.

How to get Snowflakes in Sakura Stand


Snowflakes are the latest additions to in-game currency rewarding with specs and skins after completing a certain threshold milestone. At present, there is only one way to get a few quantities at a time.

Follow the below steps to get a few tokens and keep on repeating the same process until a handful of snowflakes are collected in the Holiday Update of Sakura Stand.

  1. Open Sakura Stand and start Xmas Event
  2. Explore the map searching for randomly spawned boxes
  3. These chest boxes have a 1/3 chance of dropping snowflakes
  4. Open them quickly before competitors steal from you
  5. Keep on grinding to get Ice Reaper or any other character you wish
  6. Go to the Xmas Event dashboard and claim it from there
X-mas Update
X-mas Update

Now, you know how a token can be collected. Below is a list of items that can be unlocked using Snowflakes during this special event.

How to get Ice Reaper in Sakura Stand

Ice Reaper
Ice Reaper

Ice Reaper is listed as a Big Prize and ranks at the top most positive in the reward list. Get a total of 4,500 snowflakes and get this easily.

How to get to Acerola

New Skins
New Skins

Acerola is categorized as Skin capable of performing special moves and extra damage in each hit. Claim it using 3,000 snowflakes as soon as possible.

How to get Star Platinum: Dragon Dance

New animations
New animations

Star Platinum: Dragon Dance is a limited edition skin with superb animation to flex around the map. With a small quantity of snowflakes, 850 tokens would unlock it.

How to get The World: Frozen

New specs
New specs

Similar to the above skin, The World: Frozen is winter theme-based skin listed in the shop. The basic requirement to unlock is just 850 snowflakes.

Other Skins & Animations

X-Mas Event
X-Mas Event
  • X-Chara: Frostbite – 600 Snowflakes
  • True Anubis: So of the dragon – 850 snowflakes
  • Sandevistan: Holiday 2077 – 850 snowflakes
  • Ice Reaper: Winter Season – 850 snowflakes
  • Frostbite – 500 snowflakes
  • Sakurian 2024 – 500 snowflakes
  • Fireworks – 500 snowflakes

If you are interested, try out Xmas Bundles available at 1,500 Robux price which is worth as rewards will make you progress faster than usual.


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