Roblox Blade Ball: Jiro Cards Update Codes [NEW]

Update: The Card Hunt Event has taken place with a quest to collect 9 Jiro Cards that are hidden across various maps. The ultimate reward is Jiro Trickster Champion which is fantastic and useful. Below are Jiro Update codes to redeem stuff instantly.

Roblox Blade Ball brings Sentinel Update, also called Martyrdom Update. Here is everything you need to know about changes made to the season and high-value rewards that users can claim hourly. Get Codes to redeem them as fast as possible.

At this time, plenty of limited swords have been added along with new live boss events. For further surprises, New Codes are available for instant claims.

Blade Ball Codes 2024

Sentinel Update Codes
Sentinel Update Codes

Have a look at the below codes and redeem them quickly to get unique and new swords as well as free gems and tokens.

  • JIRO

New Update

Below are major additions to the game in Martyrdom Update of Blade Ball.

Dribble Ability
Dribble Ability
  • Dragon Spins
  • Parasol Umbrella
  • Dribble & Infinity Ability
  • Martyrdom Ability (New)
  • No Ability Ranked Mode
  • Special Time Bundles
  • Live Events for Sentinel Boss Fights
  • Dual Fire Katana (Limited Sword)

Let’s understand each stuff in detail and get tips side by side to explore everything quickly.

Dragon Spin

Dragon Spins every few hours
Dragon Spins every few hours

Dragon Spin is free to spin and claim wheels. Spin can be utilized every hour to have certain chances of getting the following valuable items

  • Dual Fire Katana (rare)
  • Fire Katana
  • 200 coins
  • 15 mins Rapture
  • 15 mins Dribble
  • Ballin’ Emote
  • 15 mins Titan Blade
  • 15 mins Quantum Arena
  • Premium Sword Crate
  • 15 mins Infinity
  • x1 Wheel Spin
New emotes
New emotes

Players should be active and consistent to have these ability gains for a few minutes and a good amount of coins as well.

Martyrdom Ability

New ability
New ability

Martyrdom is one of the coolest abilities to equip. When a player gets killed by an enemy, an explosion bursts and energy targets the enemy until it gets haunted with damage.

Dual Fire Katana

New sword
New sword

Being attractive, its showcase is fabulous. Unfortunately, the player must grind for days or weeks to get this sword in drop chance.

Through free spins that are rewarded every hour as well as extra spins for 3H, 8H, 15H, and 20H. If lucky, you can equip easily and that’s not going to be that easy.

Blade Ball Sentinel Update Codes

Martyrdom Update Codes
Martyrdom Update Codes

Here are fresh Martyrdom Update codes for Blade Ball in January 2024. The new update brings new codes that last for a longer period and expire slowly.


Have a look at various codes that can be redeemed through the Codes page in the game itself.


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