Roblox Anime Punch Simulator Update 1 Codes [NEW & Working]

Roblox Anime Punch Simulator has got its first major additions in Update 1. Lots of new features were added while minor fixes were made to improve the gaming experience. Here are Codes to redeem gold coins and UGC items easily.

From the Update 1 Log, we can see the arrival of new auras, potions, even worlds, and many more. Everything you need to know has been listed below so the player doesn’t miss out on anything important.

Anime Punch Simulator Update 1

Update 1
Update 1

Just a few months from the release of this game, new changes can be seen through its first update which has excited most of the audience.

  • 2 New potions in inventory
  • 5 Auras and New Ranks
  • Slayer Village
  • Clover Village
  • 5 Kinds of Marks
  • Nerfs in Invasion Ship tokens
  • Grimoires Available
  • Passives and Critical feature

Damage Potion & Super Energy

2 Potions
2 Potions

Two new potions are included in the inventory list. Damage Potion increases damage rate to 2x than usual lasting for 15 minutes.

Super Energy enhances energy by 2x rate until all the tasks are accomplished within the first 15 minutes of the usage.

New Ranks to max Out

List of ranks
List of ranks

Below are higher version ranks that are way more powerful and efficient than their previous versions. Be sure to max to gain extra advantage over the gifts.

  • Wizard V (5)
  • Wizard VI (6)
  • Wizard VII (7)
  • Wizard VIII (8)
  • Wizard IX (9)
  •  King 1 (max)

New Auras

Auras added
Auras added

Similar to rank upgradation, new levels have been introduced to the Auras list as well. They are as follows:

  • Red Slash
  • Snowflakes
  • Slayer
  • Sakura
  • Universe

World 3 – Slayer Village

Slayer Village
Slayer Village

Slayer Village is an important location and this World 3 is going to be fun in terms of enemies. Leaf Village and Desert Piece have good competition from this new map.

Marks Tier List

Marks in World 3
Marks in World 3

Inside Slayer Village, there is plenty of stuff to explore while Marks and its total variations have been the most attractive ones. Each spin costs over 5 gold coins which are worth the spending

  • Insect Mark
  • Water Mark
  • Mist Mark
  • Beast Mark
  • Thunder Mark

Among them, Water Mark has the lowest drop chance of 0.01% making it worse for newbies to claim.

Anime Punch Simulator Update 1 Codes

Anime Punch Simulator New Codes
Anime Punch Simulator New Codes

Here is a list of working codes for Update 1 which results in fantastic gifts upon claiming.

  • 15KLIKES
  • Release
  • 500LIKES
  • Update1_Codes

Be sure to be quick and codes have a limited period to provide rewards.


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