More Harry Potter Games Coming; But Not the Only WB Focus

In an interview with Variety, Warner Bros. Games confirmed they have been working on follow-up additions to the Potterverse’s video game world. Furthermore, Warner has released several reports regarding Hogwarts Legacy’s huge commercial success.

The company’s entertainment president David Haddad has revealed that Hogwarts Legacy sold over 22 million copies, with 2 million being sold in the December holidays alone.

Likewise, David has stated that most played have played Hogwarts Legacy more than once, with the altered Hogwarts House to experience a different storyline. In addition, hidden features like the recent discovery of an abandoned grotto or the news of a player doing wildlife photography could also be a driving factor.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Coming; But Not Prioritized

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, revealed last April, release is confirmed and is currently in beta testing. Commenting on it, Haddad said, “We don’t have any particular announcements on exactly how and when [the Quidditch game] is going to come to the market, but we are working to get it designed in a way just to delight fans.

Even though Hogwarts Legacy witnessed a huge triumph in the gaming industry, Harry Potter games are far from the only focus of Warner Bros. Interactive.

Haddad has confirmed that Mortal Kombat 1 amassed record players, including mobile devices, for that franchise in the last 30 years. Moreover, February 2 is all set to launch Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Haddad remarked it ‘as one of our most ambitious projects ever‘.

Looking forward, WB has a single-player open-world Wonder Woman video game in the queue.

It seems that WB is working consistently towards gathering mobile gamers. This might be a reason to delay Harry Potter games and DLC for Hogwarts Legacy.


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