Loomian Legacy Jolly Festival Part 2: Soulburst Icigool, Reskins & Christmas Gargolem

Loomian Legacy Jolly Festival Part 2 is now live. This holiday event has once again surprised players with plenty of unexpected stuff. Learn how to equip each of them and Codes to claim exclusive rewards.

Loomian Legacy Jolly Festival Part 2

Jolly Festival Part 2
Jolly Festival Part 2

Also called Christmas Event Update Part 2 is a great start for newbies to progress ahead and reach higher levels. Below is a list of new unlockables available to complete.

  • Secret items
  • Soulburst Icigool
  •  multiple reskins
  • Soul Crystal
  • Christmas Gargolem
  • Saddle
  • many more.

How to get Soulburst Icigool in Loomian Legacy

Soulburst Icigool
Soulburst Icigool

To get this Loomian, simply follow the below steps to unlock the vault and reach the raid position. Fight the Dungeon and claim your unit.

  1. Go to Jolly Festival Evergreen Maze
  2. Search for the mask and note the numbers
  3. Navigate towards the big building and find the lock value
  4. Enter mask numbers and get the snow shovel
  5. Reach a big pile of snow outside the area
  6. Enter raid with nightmare mode
  7. Defeat the Dungeon monster and its incarnated form
  8. You have unlocked Soulburst Icigool

How to get Reskins in Loomian Legacy

All Reskins
All Reskins

For those players who waited too long, there is good news for you. Reskins have been introduced to almost every variant of the character.

For example, Vari has horn variations into different forms while Magma, Gamma and Alpha skins remain the top priority to hunt during this event.

How to get Christmas Gargolem in Loomian Legacy

Christmas Gargolem
Christmas Gargolem

There are a total of 4 Gargolem reskins can be unlocked by defeating the boss across the wild. At first, enter the Jolly Odoyaga Event and head towards the wild to try your luck as chances are pretty low though.

There is a 1/1028 chance to drop Gargolem reskin while 1/512 with roamer charm and 1/256 with roamer charm and boost.


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