How to get Seeds in Arm Wrestling Simulatator (Garden Update)

Arm Wrestling Simulator Garden Update is out introducing World 8 (Garden World) to the game. Along with it, a mechanism for planting seeds to harvest various snacks is available from Lucky Pets. Limited pets are available to collect as well.

Garden Update Log
Garden Update Log

Here is a guide on How to get seeds as well as ways to harvest seeds quickly. Tips to get Lucky Blocks and everything needed to progress in the latest update of the game.

How to get Seeds in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Best way to collect seeds
Best way to collect seeds

Seeds are the newest token allowing players to grow rotten fruits which on consumption significantly boost the productivity and strength of users as well as pets.

Below is an easy way to collect them as much as possible by the secret trick.

  • Teleport to any world
  • Select the toughest boss and gain strength for it.
  • Defeat to get Lucky Blocks (rare)
  • Few amounts of seeds are collected
  • Farm for seeds by defeating certain bosses multiple times.

At present, Apple seeds and Banana seeds are common while more rotten items can be used to boost the abilities of pets.

How to enter Garden World

Garden World
Garden World

World 8 or Garden Map brings even more mystic gifts and challenges. Follow the below steps to unlock and enter a new world.

  • Go to Road One from the arena
  • Locate the Escape School portal
  • Jump to enter the Garden
  • Explore for new tokens and boss fights

How to get Lucky Blocks in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Lucky Blocks
Lucky Blocks

Lucky Blocks are other unique gift boxes allowing users to collect seeds of various plants, coins, rebirth, and more. Being valuable and extremely rare to collect.

The best way to collect Lucky Blocks is by simply defeating tier 1 bosses as much as possible. The repeat process results in a few of these tokens.

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