Hogwarts Legacy to bring PlayStation-exclusive content on all platforms

Hogwarts Legacy is near its First Anniversary and over this period, 24 million copies have been sold worldwide. Through a recent announcement on X, Sony-exclusive content would be accessible to non-PlayStations players very soon.

Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. Games, and Avalanche Software will be collaborating to make Sony-exclusive content for PC, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch from the summer update onwards.

New update coming with more quests
A new update coming with more quests

This is good news for PC and console players as Hogwarts Legacy was restricted to PS but can be experienced by a wide-ranging audience. Other than gameplay experience, new quests would be crafted to draw attention to games.

Players are demanding DLC along with additional updates that will take place in the summer. Previous PS Exclusive Quest was considered creepy and best while wishing for Quidditch as well. Users believe the PC port project has been dropped as frequent issues encountered with high-end functioning.

New announcement
New announcement

As of now, the Update announcement doesn’t propose the time of year to which these changes will be made. This uncertainty is leading to panic as the update might get delayed to Q3 than expected.

Developers made it clear to stay tuned for upcoming updates while we may expect the addition of the most wanted features – Playback cutscenes, Photo Mode, co-op arrivals, and multiplayer arena.


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