Hogwarts Legacy Player Turns Himself into a Wildlife Photographer

It is just a matter of yesterday when a Hogwarts Legacy player uncovered a hidden cave. We don’t know what more secrets the game breeds in. And now, a Reddit user Travelling_eidolon has added another layer to our discussion – in what way Hogwarts Legacy can be played?

As we all know the game is about wizardry and uncovering hidden truths of the wizarding world. But now the gameplay style seems to be having a paradigm shift, as a player has turned himself into a Wildlife Photographer.

Travelling_eidolon shared some photographs of in-game non-magical wild animals. He started by uploading the first slide of an Owl sitting on Zonkos.

Hogwarts Legacy Owl sitting on Zonkos
Hogwarts Legacy Owl sitting on Zonkos (Image via Travelling_eidolon)

The subsequent slides followed the images of another owl flying in a village, a rabbit in the marshy area, an eagle near a waterfall, a squirrel running, and much more. You can take a look at those photographs below.

Animal photography in Hogwarts legacy (wanted to give a bit of love to the non-magical beasts!)
byu/Travelling_eidolon inHarryPotterGame

Among the given shots, the seventh slide of Lady Amherst’s pheasant bird stands out to be the most spectacular one.

In the end slide, the player showcased his astonishing photography skills and ended his portfolio with a fish out of water.

This collection won’t be complete without the “fish out of water” sighting. I met this fish early in the game and it’s still flopping on this bridge after I finished it.

Have you found a such flexing way of enjoying Hogwarts Legacy?


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