COC Clan Games Rewards January 2024 [Reward List]

COC Clan Games are back in January 2024. This is a monthly event where the whole clan teams up together to complete missions and tasks to claim rewards such as resources, magic potions, books, hammers, gems, and many more.

January Clan Games starts from 22nd Jan to 28 Jan. In this period, players can contribute a maximum of 4k points while collecting a total of 50k points would unlock all the collectibles.

Clan Games January 2024

January 2024
January 2024

As we know, the reward list changes at every next game and thus players are pretty excited to know about the tier list in advance before the event arrives. Below is a reward list based on clan points.

Clan Games Rewards January 2024

Reward List
Reward List

At last, we have listed the finest picks that pro players will strategically collect and have maximum benefit in the Clash Of Clans.

Tier 1 (3,000 points)

  • 25% Elixir
  • 20 Gems
  • 1 Clock Tower Boost

Tier 2 (7500 points)

  • 1 Training Potion
  • 35% Gold
  • 1 Shovel

Tier 3 (12,000 points)

  • 4 rings of wall
  • 2 Power Potions
  • 40 Gems

Tier 4 (18,000 points)

  • 75% Elixir
  • 1 Super Potion
  • 1 Builder Potion

Tier 5 (30,000 points)

  • 95% Dark Elixir + 2 Resource Boost
  • 1 Rune of Builder Elixir
  • 2 Research Boost

Tier 6 (50,000 points)

  • 1 Book of Building
  • 1 Rune of Elixir
  • 100 Gems

Based on your preference, you may choose any one reward from each tier and move forward. If a user crosses the 4,000-point threshold, then a bonus reward can be claimed.

Which Rewards Should You Pick in Clan Games?

Best items to pick
Best items to pick

Based on rarity and its benefits, below are some items that clashes should focus on as they either help to skip time or abundantly boost resources. Know about the Best Strategy to follow.

  • 20 Gems
  • Shovel
  • 40 Gems
  • 1 Builder Potion
  • 2 Laboratory Boost
  • 1 Book of Building
  • Bonus: 100 Gems

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