Call of Duty’s Anti-Cheat Measures to Target Players Using Aim Assist Tools

It’s a very recent development where the developers, Activision, introduced Call of Duty anti-cheating measures. Richochet is the leading team to come up with unique measures to maintain fair play.

Richochet is reportedly using advanced technologies that detect the unusual behavior of cheaters and punishes them either by showing them hallucinations or taking off their guns. Following them were making genuine players invisible or disabling parachutes while jumping.

Now, Activision has initiated new anti-cheat measures that will target the devices utilizing aim assist while using a Mouse or Keyboard. Players with XIMs and Cronus devices will be impacted seriously.

Given the irritating controller, especially in shooting games, of consoles, aim assist is more frequently used by them. XIMs and Cronus are devices often used in MW3 boosting lobbies, providing the player with the added advantage of keyboard movement and aim assist.

This type of advantage doesn’t provide a fair chance to genuine users, and Richochet seems to be taking quite affirmative actions against them. Initially, the game for these players will shut down with a warning displayed. However, continuous use of such tools might invite serious actions on the account.

Even though the measures are relatively fresh, it will be interesting to check how they perform. The execution of the new updates must be flawless without interrupting the fair ones. In a similar context, recently some of the fair The Finals players were hit with false bans.

In this regard, Tom Warren, the reporter at The Verge, states “Hopefully Activision can properly detect players that have wallhacks soon, too,”


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