Call of Duty: Future Warfare Gameplay Leaked After 10 Years

A 2-minute futuristic gameplay surfaces on the internet after being leaked. This is Call of Duty: Future Warfare nicknamed the NX1 project developed by Neversoft. The gameplay suggests a space mission on the moon with more advanced technology.

Neversoft is a well-known video game developer company known for popular game series – Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Call of Duty Ghost. After Activision Blizzard acquired Neversoft, it focused on COD games until Infinity Ward merged.

Leaked Gameplay of COD: Future Warfare Reveals Futuristic Space Missions

“This was NX1, after IW imploded and split into Respawn Neversoft pivoted from Guitar Hero to make a futuristic COD game. This mission was on the moon, some experiments with low g, and was really about the team learning the engine. We were making GH games on our THPS engine prior.” former Neversoft developer, Brian Bright tweeted.

According to the leaked footage, COD: Future Warfare consists of various new campaigns, maps, and missions along with improvised locations as per the game requirements. Below is a list of missions available to complete during NX1 development.

Based on the gameplay, Multiplayer mode could be available to play online while combat abilities will be tested in Recruit, Regular, Hardened, or Veteran mode.

Missions in Future Warfare

COD: Future Warfare missions
COD: Future Warfare missions
  • Border
  • Visiting Hours
  • Into The Fire
  • Winter Anvil
  • Descent
  • Hit Hard At Home
  • Moonbase Assault
  • Operation Deathbolt

These are NX levels while Act I, Act II, and Act III can be selected along with the Museum to explore based on difficulty levels.

Players are disappointed with Neversoft as the whole project looks perfect for multiplayer battles and campaign mode that should have been made available more than 10 years ago.


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