Bethesda is All Set to Release Its First Major Update for 2024

Bethesda has revealed they are all good to proceed with Starfield’s first major and sizeable update for 2024. The update is scheduled to be released next week on January 17, which will introduce us to over 100 fixes, improvements, quests, and much more.

Starfield, known for its peculiar features, has seen a considerable drop in the player count but still is one of the best hits as per Bethesda’s statistics.

Biggest Update for Starfield – Highlights

Right from the beginning, Bethesda found itself covered with complaints about glitches. Followed by the routine gameplay, existing players chose alternate titles to heat their screens.

Taking the above concerns into account, from the Tweet, it looks like the update has bug fixing and graphics improvement at its center. As mentioned earlier. the update contains 100 fixes, including the revisions of quests and docking issues.

Improvements to the sun disk geometry, shadow effects, and bulldozed objects are likely to enhance the realistic vision of the game. To support it, additional widescreen support is being added.

The full update notes are yet to be released.

Nonetheless, the update is the first step toward improving the game, it’s unlikely to attract the already left users. However, players are keen to look forward to the upcoming plans of Bestheda like the DLC expansion.


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